7 in 10 Internet users still see ads.

    Help us tell the world about AdBlock.

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    Rewards for Contributors

    Everyone deserves a better Web.

    AdBlock has already given over 80 million people an ad-free Internet at no cost.

    But we want to think bigger. 7 out of 10 Internet users still don't know they can have an ad-free experience. We want to empower all people to choose an online world with as little advertising as they want. We can reshape the whole Internet -- it's just a matter of spreading the word.


    What's Our Plan?

    We're going to use ads to get rid of ads. We will use the money raised to make AdBlock banner ads and video commercials, and we will show these across the internet to people who don't have AdBlock. If we raise enough, we will implement our craziest advertising ideas and capture the whole world's imagination.



    Start our anti-ads ad campaign


    Times Square Billboard


    Full Page Spread in the New York Times

    $4.2 Million

    TV Spot during the 2014 Super Bowl

    We've always been donation-based. If you've ever considered contributing in support of AdBlock, now is the time to do it—100% of contributions will go towards fulfilling this campaign. And for the first time ever, we have some sweet rewards for all backers.

    Who are we?

    Michael Michaelname

    Michael Gundlach (pictured here with his wife Katie!), is the founder of AdBlock. He devotes his full time to AdBlock, and is enormously proud of what he has built. Michael is incredibly thankful for every user, and he is committed to ensuring AdBlock remains the best tool for filtering content on the web while protecting users' privacy.


    Scouter is the dual screen smartphone. In life, we're three students from The University of Chicago. Check us out here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How will funds raised be spent?

    100% of money raised will be used to buy advertisements, fulfill the stretch goals, and pay for backers' personal rewards. Everyone involved in running this campaign is a volunteer, and no one will be financially compensated for helping.

    Is shipping included in the prices?

    Yes, shipping is included.

    What's the difference between AdBlock and Adblock Plus?

    AdBlock and Adblock Plus are run by separate companies that have NO relation. AdBlock operates entirely on donations. AdBlock does not accept money from companies to whitelist their advertisements.

    How will the advertising contest work?

    After the campaign ends, we will open up a site where contributors will be able to upload advertisement images and videos. Contributors will also be able to vote on their favorite ones, and we will use these in the actual AdBlock advertising campaign. The contest will run for all reached goal levels.

    I heard AdBlock tracks me and sells my data, is this true?

    No. There are other advertisement-blocking programs that do this, but AdBlock does not and will NEVER do so.

    Will I see AdBlock ads if I have AdBlock installed?

    No! The point of this campaign is to show people who DON'T have AdBlock that they don't have to be subjected to advertisements. You already enjoy life beyond advertising, and we're not going to bother you with our ads.

    AdBlock is free, right?

    Yes, AdBlock is free. AdBlock makes money only from donations. Note: AdBlock and everyone involved with this campaign are NOT taking any of the money raised for themselves.

    What exactly is AdBlock?

    AdBlock prevents advertisements from being downloaded on sites you browse on the internet. From banner advertisements to YouTube commercials, 99.9% of advertisements are blocked.

    Is AdBlock legal?

    Yes, 100%. AdBlock works by modifying the sites you browse on the 'client,' or user end. AdBlock does not tamper with the servers of the websites you visit.

    How do I add AdBlock to my web browser?

    Go to getadblock.com or click the button on the top of this page.

    I contributed, how do I get my rewards?

    Thanks for your support! After the campaign ends, and if we've raised at least $25,000, we will contact you by email with further details. If we don't raise at least $25,000, you will NOT be charged.

    I contributed earlier, and I noticed your prices changed. How does that affect me?

    Thanks for being an early contributor! We will contact you after the campaign. If you wish, we will adjust your contribution to reflect the newest prices.

    Is AdBlock available for mobile phones and tablets?

    Sorry, at the moment, no. However, Scouter's built in browser will have no advertisements. You can check it out here.

    • We can literally reshape the Internet.
    • Let's cut down on advertising and make it a better place for everyone.
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